My interest in photography started when I was in art school in Caracas. I picked up my grandfather’s old Canon camera, and started documenting my life and it's surroundings. I built a photo studio under the basement stairs (the old-school kind) with an old enlarger someone gave me. I had chemical vats for developing and printing, the works. These days, I still have a keen interest in capturing the mundane events that make the day to day...perhaps as a way of marking time. This is a set of Polaroids that I shot in the past decade or so, after a yard sale bargain find of an old Polaroid 450 Land Camera.
It's startling and fascinating to me that in this day and age a huge number of the most popular digital photography apps are based on filters that essentially emulate the limitations that these old cameras had...I suppose it answers the question of why not shoot with the real thing then?

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