As a multi-disciplinary educator, artist, designer, and curator, I work in diverse fields, navigating the spaces between learning, education, design, and fine art practice, often searching for where these worlds intersect.

As an educator, I've been faculty at Rhode Island School of Design since 1998, teaching in the departments of Illustration, Graphic Design and Digital+Media. I've lead several interdisciplinary partnered studios and research initiatives.

Recently, I was part of the faculty team that lead the Spring 2021 Hyundai+RISD Research Collaborative on Adaptive Ecologies: Envisioning Futures. In the Summer of 2021, I was faculty lead for the Hyundai+RISD Fellowship Collaborative, as well as the Curator for the RISD+Hyundai physical exhibition of “Adaptive Ecologies: Building on Nature’s Blueprint.”

In 2010 I developed the content and co-taught an ESPN sponsored studio on “Fandom.” In 2011 I was a guest presenter at the James S. McDonnell Foundation Workshop on Artists Envision Science & Technology, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. In 2012 I developed and co-taught “Bay In Flux” a course for the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). During the summer of 2014, I participated as a lead researcher in the Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) and The Nature Lab hosted Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program. Then for RISD's Spring of 2015 semester, I developed and taught an EPScOR funded interdisciplinary course called “Data Narratives.”

Click the links below for documentation:Hyundai + RISD Research Collaborative
Data Narratives
SURF: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
STAC: Science and Technology Advisory Council